Pity Sex / Brave Bird east coast tour

We’re heading out to the east coast with our good friends Brave Bird. The shows are booked. Venues are TBA. If you can help in western / central New York state let us know.

8/24 Friday – Ann Arbor, MI @ 907 Lincoln
8/25 Saturday – Akron, OH @ tba
8/26 Sunday – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
8/27 Monday – Philadelphia, PA @ tba
8/28 Tuesday – Robbinsville, NJ @ The Giant’s Back
8/29 Wednesday – New York City, NY @ tba
8/30 Thursday – Willimantic, CT @ The Handsome Woman
8/31 Friday – Boston, MA @ tba
9/1 Saturday – Western / Central NY
9/2 Sunday – Pittsburgh, PA @ tba

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    I forwarded this to a friend for a 9/1 Western/Central NY date in New Paltz, so maybe it can be done.
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